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Rank Higher in the Local Pack and on Google Maps in 30 Days đź“Ť

With BS Digital Works, climb to the top and leave your rivals tripping over each other. Put an end to your frustration over your low Google ranking and start receiving more clicks and calls from your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Work one-on-one with a dedicated profile manager who will benchmark the performance of your current profile, carry out a 100-point audit, and then spearhead the implementation of improvements to fully optimize your profile.

Get more about our GBP Optimization Service by reading the information below or giving our team a call at +1 469 616 3239 to discuss how BS Digital Works can assist!

Google My Business Optimization Service Overview đź”­

With the Google My Business Optimization Service, you can collaborate with a GMB expert who possesses the necessary Google My Business Optimization experience to raise your rankings on Google Maps and in the local pack. Your profile manager will put in all the effort to guarantee high rankings and more business using our in-house procedures, GBP scorecard, and benchmark reporting.

Your local market and targeted search terms will be taken into account when optimizing your Google Business Profile.

The following are included in the GBP optimization service:

  • Initial Benchmark Performance Report
  • Geogrid Keyword Rankings Report
  • 100 Point Google Business Profile Audit
  • GBP Scorecard
  • Google Business Profile Optimization Guide
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Optimization of Image and Video Uploads
  • Updated Profile Avatar and Cover
  • One month of Google Posts and Q&As added to your profile!

Your profile manager will be with you every step of the way, providing regular progress updates every few days, during the approximately 30-day optimization process.

Have More Than One Location? That’s Our Specialty!

We have personal experience with the difficulty of simultaneously optimizing multiple Google Business Profiles for multiple locations without stepping on too many toes.

Not to be taken lightly! Thousands of profiles—including those for multi-location businesses in banking, education, healthcare, legal, retail, travel, and other industries—have been optimized by us. We are directly aware of the suffering and anguish you have undoubtedly gone through while attempting to make the most of your dashboard’s abundance of profiles.

Regardless of the number of profiles you have—five, fifty, five hundred, franchise, or Fortune 500—BS Digital Works can offer you a turnkey solution to delegate the laborious (and frequently time-consuming) tasks involved in effectively optimizing multiple Google Business Profiles.

Please get in touch with us or give us a call at +91 7983362851 to find out more about how we can support your multi-location company.

How Our Google My Business Optimization Service Works

The Google My Business Optimization Service is comprised of 5 steps:

1. You Tell Us About Your Location

We will gather all the information about your company location using our simple Google My Business Optimization Service form so that we can fully optimize your profile. It should only take you ten minutes or so to finish this step.

2. We Audit Your Listing

After that, using all of the best practices we’ve discovered over the previous five years of optimizing Google My Business Profiles, we’ll perform a 100-step audit of your GMB listing. A comprehensive checklist outlining the current status of your listing will be sent to you.

3. We Create an Action Plan

After the audit is finished, your account manager will draft a special action plan outlining our strategy for enhancing your listing’s optimization. After you give your approval and review, we’ll proceed to the next stage, which is to optimize your Google My Business profile!

4. We Enhance and Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Your account manager will work to apply the required modifications and updates to fully optimize your Google My Business Profile after we’ve finished the action plan. Upon completion, they will update the checklist on your listing to reflect all completed tasks.

5. You See Higher Rankings, More Traffic, Calls, and Revenue!

After the project is finished and your Google My Business listing is optimized, you should begin to see more results in the next thirty to ninety days. This will give you some time to get ready for all the new business that will be coming your way.

Google My Business Optimization Service FAQs

How long does it take to optimize my profile?

The Google My Business Optimization Service takes two (2) to four (4) weeks from the date of start to completion. Working with a Gorilla-CertifiedTM GMB expert means that you’ll always be informed at every stage. Your account manager will keep a close eye on you if you are optimizing multiple listings so as to prevent you from going crazy with anticipation!

When can I expect to see results?

This varies according to your industry and market. After work is finished, clients of our Google My Business Optimization Service typically begin to see results in 30 to 90 days. Nevertheless, the BS Digital Works enjoys bragging, and some clients notice practically immediate benefits. That being said, we prefer to state that it’s safe to anticipate seeing more activity from your profile within 90 days.

Does this service include optimizing my website?

No, the only thing we optimize for with our Google My Business optimization is your GMB listing. Although we don’t currently offer website optimization services, you can email the head BS Digital Works by clicking here to tell him that we should!

Does this service guarantee I will get results?

Even though having an optimized Google My Business listing can help you get more leads, traffic, and rankings, you should think about continuing to manage and promote your presence because Google My Business is constantly changing!

Who is responsible for approving content, edits, posts, etc?

There are two ways we can approach this. One possible option is to ask for a manual review of all posts, edits, content, etc. If you choose this option, we will send you the suggested changes and wait for your approval before putting them into effect. The second choice is to automatically approve based on the professional background of the account manager. The majority of users select auto-approval. Our team is in charge of the content, edits, and Q&As for both options.

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